The Best Side Gigs to Make Extra Cash

woman tutoring a young girl and helping her with her homework

You can always use more money. However, there are times when making more money becomes essential. If you're already working a full-time job, you might struggle with how to make more money. A side gig can help infuse your budget with cash without making a long-term commitment to an employer. Here are the best side gigs you can start today and earn some extra cash.

Cater Waiter

From milestone birthdays to weddings, catering companies are always busy serving meals. You can sign up with the catering companies in your area to be a cater waiter. Flexibility is the best part of this gig. With so many events, you can work the ones that fit your schedule.


If you have a degree in math or science or speak a foreign language, tutoring can be one of the best side gigs for you. With your knowledge, you can probably tutor a middle school or high school student in your community. Parents are more than willing to hire a knowledgeable tutor to help a struggling child. You can set your hours and the number of children you want to help.

Elderly Care

Similar to babysitting, when you were a teenager, you can offer to sit for a friend's senior loved one. You have friends who are caring for an elderly parent who can't stay at home alone. When your friend wants to go out to dinner or take a weekend trip, they need someone to stay with their parents, and you can make money staying with their loved one.

Pet Sitting

One of the best side gigs for anyone of any age is pet sitting. When people go off on vacation, they need someone to care for their pets. Boarding a pet is expensive and can traumatize a pet, so many people are looking for someone to care for their pets in their homes. A dog will probably need a couple of walks a day while a cat needs a clean litter box. You might even find someone who needs their dog walked once a day while they're at work to make a little extra cash.

Deliver It

From pizzas and fast food to groceries and pharmacy essentials, people can have just about everything delivered to them. There are many pizza chains and local Chinese restaurants that offer delivery along with the dozens of new apps that offer delivery from a variety of local restaurants, including DoorDash, Uber Eats, GrubHub, and more. Instacart delivers groceries. All of these services use people like you to take care of the deliveries, and you can do it on your schedule.

Join a Focus Group or Research Study

Ever wonder who thought it was a good idea to make the Pepsi can silver and blue? It's hard to find out, but somewhere along the line, a focus group liked the color scheme. If you live close to a metro area, there are marketing firms that put together focus groups and research studies. A focus group reviews an ad or marketing campaign and gives its feedback. It takes a couple of hours and usually pays well.

Rent a Room

If you have a spare bedroom or apartment above a garage, you can put that space to work for you making money. You can use a website, such as Airbnb, to rent the space for a night or longer. Of course, you need to be comfortable with others sharing your space to make money this way.

These are just some of the best side gigs out there, but there are many others to help supplement your budget. You might need a quick infusion of cash or an ongoing source of income, and a side gig could be the answer. Many of these opportunities allow you to set your hours, and how long you want to work per shift, so it doesn't interfere with your regular job.