Online Grocery Shopping Saves You Time and Money

man holding bag of fresh groceries in front of delivery truck

Weekly or monthly grocery shopping trips can be a big ordeal for some families. Depending on how many things you need to buy, you could end up spending a few hours at the supermarket. Many people also end up spending more than they intended thanks to impulsive purchases. That’s why online grocery shopping can be beneficial.

In this modern age, there's now a new alternative to taking a trip to the store: buying your groceries online. Online retailers like Amazon allow you to buy most food products online. For fresh ingredients, like produce, stores like Walmart and Costco can deliver your groceries right to your door. Using this method, you may actually be able to save a lot of money: here's how!

Sticking to Your Budget with Online Grocery Shopping

We've all gone shopping on an empty stomach before and bought more snacks than we needed. There's less risk for this if you're online grocery shopping in the comfort of your own home. A few extra boxes of candy and cookies can quickly add up and throw off your monthly food budget.

Shopping from home also gives you a better idea of your pantry's inventory. For example, say you forgot to check if you have eggs at home when you're in the middle of grocery shopping. Instead of wondering or trying to ask another family member, you can check for yourself before you buy more.

Buying in Bulk

With online retailers, it's common to allow the customer to purchase food and other household supplies in bulk. Buying in bulk while online grocery shopping often means you save more money than buying the individual product. This will require you to pay a little extra while shopping, but it will save you more money in the long run.

Unless it's a retailer like Costco or Sam's Club, your bulk options at local stores are very limited. It can also be a hassle loading up your trunk if you have a smaller vehicle. With online shopping, all you have to worry about is finding space in your home.

Comparing Prices with Online Grocery Shopping

Online grocery shopping also lets you find the best deals. It can be a hassle driving around to different stores trying to find the lowest price: this wastes a lot of time and gas! Shopping online allows you to compare prices from all the stores in your area. In some cases, exclusively online retailers may have better prices.

Using Coupons

Shopping online doesn't mean you have to miss out on coupons! You probably won't be able to use paper coupons, but digital coupons can be found online. If you have a loyalty card with your local grocery store, you can find coupons on the store's website. Even if you don't visit the physical store, you can still apply the coupons to your order. This will also save you the time of cutting out coupons from newspapers or magazines.

Saving on Gas

Depending on where you live, a trip to the grocery store could be 20 minutes or more each way. For those in this situation, online grocery shopping is a great way to spend less money on gas. With Target and Amazon, your food can be delivered in two days or less for free. Some local grocers may have a small delivery fee. However, this fee can often be waived if you spend a certain amount of money on food.

In addition to all the extra money you'll save, you'll also save a lot of time. During the holidays, stores can be extremely crowded, which can tack another hour onto your shopping time. If your family has a busy schedule, this makes planning the trip even more stressful. When buying your groceries online, you'll be able to get all your family's food with none of the usual hassles.